The Art of Brian Caldersmith



"CAR PORTRAITS" is a term generated by Brian to describe the majority ...

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Limited Edition Prints

These are a few of the limited edition prints that have been produced ...

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Event Artwork

Brian's art has been used for promotional purposes for many events. H ...

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Portraits & General Art

Just to show he does paint other things than cars!

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Many of these CARtoons are from the book A - Z of CLASSIC MOTORSPORT, ...

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Boulevarde of Fame

The Boulevarde of Fame is a growing list of famous and infamous driver ...

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Book Covers

Brian has designed a variety of book covers

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LEADFOOTS gathered at Goulburn on 10th & 11th April and the focus of t ...

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The 1924 Silver Ghost of Rex Vincent.

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The Art of Brian Caldersmith
© Brian Caldersmith. All rights reserved.

This small assortment of images will give you an understanding of some of the work produced by Brian. Please remember that some of them are copies of scans of photographs of originals - so will not show the detail or display accurately the colours of the original art at full size.

Whilst the majority of the work is in WATERCOLOUR, you will also see some stuff in pencil, ink and also coloured pencil. As 95% of his work is commissioned, almost everything displayed in this representation has been ordered & sold.

The images on this site may not be used for personal or commercial use without written permission.


A lifetime interest in things mechanical and motorsport, were the initial influences in Brian’s launch into painting. His professional background as Draftsman, Industrial Designer and Engineer provided the knowledge and expertise to support the detail, accuracy and technical flavour that has become his trademark. That experience was recognized by a Prince Philip Prize for Industrial Design in 1971.

Whilst still actively involved in motor sport (he races a LOTUS), he is known as the “mechanic with a brush”. His work is well known internationally and represented in collections around the world.


Working mainly in watercolour, most of his output is by commission. The “Car Portraits” he renders are ordered by proud automobile owners throughout Australia and around the world.

His original paintings, published to promote and advertise major events, have been auctioned by Christies and raffled for major charities. Limited edition, signed and numbered prints of his work commemorating significant occasions (50 years of Holden/GMH, Sir Jack Brabham’s 30th anniversary tribute and many more) are sold internationally by an English publisher.

The book, “A-Z of CLASSIC MOTORSPORT”, written and illustrated by Brian has become a classic within the genre and is an example of his humour and work in different media.

The artist can be contacted at